Get into Shape for Horse Riding

The remarkable bond that horses and people share has existed for a very long time. Whether hunting or sports, men and women have mounted horses to set records, create legacies and achieve the unthinkable. They may not be called “man’s best friends”, but horses provide recreational opportunities for one to stay active and fit.

Mounting a horse might seem intimidating at first, but the benefits of horseback riding outweigh the disadvantages by far. It is a great way to strengthen leg muscles, achieve balance and increase stamina, not to mention, unwind, release stress and appreciate the beautiful landscapes and scenery. It also teaches children how to be responsible and helps them to build confidence through their accomplishments in horseback riding.

Before going for your first ride, it’s important that you should have confidence in your general level of health. Can you, for example, walk around fairly easily, without getting out of breath? If not, you may want to think about building your levels of fitness via short walks, or even by investing in a treadmill. We’re not the place to talk about treadmill reviews, but you’ll find all sorts recommended at various online sites. You certainly don’t need to invest a lot in the latest running machines on the market, although the Reebok range displayed at Farinellis are pretty funky, but you’ll find that having a minimal fitness level will give you a starting point.

What to Expect When Horseback Riding for the First Time

As always safety comes first and should be a priority, that is why it is essential as a beginner to choose a horse riding institution that is certified by the Horsemanship Association (CHA), this means that the instructors are not only certified to teach horseback riding, but they are specifically trained to teach beginners, as well.

Next, anyone who wishes to take up horseback riding as a hobby should be prepared to dress the part. He or she should be properly dressed for the occasion before they engage with the horse. Do not wear open toe shoes, slippers, or short pants and skirts, while riding the horse the saddle on the horse will rub against the skin as the horse moves, making it an unpleasant experience. It is recommended to wear long jeans and boots that completely cover your feet, and of course, wearing a helmet is a must.

Once that’s out of the way, the rider should prepare to meet the horses in the stable. When greeting horses, it is best to stand in front of them or on their left side. It is important to try to build a rapport with the horse that he or she has chosen to ride and making an effort to learn the proper way to interact with the animal will not only start the bonding process but will also promote confidence in the rider. Also, avoid sudden movements or loud noises that will startle the horse. The natural response of the horse will be to run and this might result in someone getting hurt.

It is important for the person riding the horse to make sure that the equipment is properly secured, once he or she has checked the saddle, then the instructor should double check it before the rider mounts the horse. Mounting the horse for the first time can be tricky, in this case, assistance should be provided by the instructor until the rider has learned how to mount the horse on his or her own.

While sitting on top of the horse, the rider should remain relaxed and calm. The posture of the rider should be straight and he or she must be holding on to the reigns at all time, this is to steer the horse in the direction that they would like to go. Follow the instructions and lead of the instructor at all times during the horseback riding lessons.

A Hobby Worth Exploring

Whether you are the type of person that enjoy quiet evenings reading an interesting book or someone who loves to go on adventures, horseback riding offers a unique experience for everyone. It is a great way for family and friends to spend time and bond together. Horseback riding is a wonderful learning experience and a hobby that is worth exploring.


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